Mr. Kenichi Kondo of TAISHOBOSEKI, the leading pioneer in organic material
Mr. Kondo makes his own way to material producers’ and checks and sees for himself to purchase only the goods he really likes. He has made us a special lecture about organic materials saying “my priority at work is making people happy,” with his big innocent smile.

What is organic wool?
In our brand-new white label 2nd collection, the organic wool is created from NASSA (The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia) certified raw wool. NASSA has its own strict standards of chemical residue level in raw wool at pasture, land, water, grazing, etc., and the applicants need to meet all criteria to be certified. Only certified feedstuff, fertilizer and pesticides can be used, and chemical parasiticede is never dosed for sheep. Organic wool is only certified after strict annual inspections by NASSA.

Sheep grown in wide expanse of natural organic pasture
Items in our new collection are made from 100% wool grown at an organic ranch in Tilpa, New South Wales, Australia. The organic ranch introduces “grazing system”, which makes a perfect environment for stably feeding sheep and producing uniformly high-quality wool. It owns 80 9.5acre-paddocks to raise 400 sheep and 500 cows. To start the “grazing system,” 500 cows are put to grazing for one week in a paddock to depasture long-grown grass. Then 400 sheep are out at feed to the paddock after one week, when there is only short-grown grazing left. The cows and sheep are sent to each paddock in order in 18 months, and the grazing of the empty paddocks grow naturally.