ami-tsumuli 2019 S/S collection
- Embraced by winds and lights -
Close your eyes and feel the wind.
Become barefoot and feel the water running.
Lie on your back and look at the sunshine filtering through the branches of a tree.

Be relaxed and let yourself go with the natural flow,
What I had sought might have already been there for a long time.
It might have waited to be found by me, just glistering calmly,

I designed the ami-tsumuli 2019 S/S collection while I thought that.

The hats of 'while label' are made of our original hard-twisted organic cotton,
which are dyed using the technique of Botanical Dye.
Please enjoy the unique and crisp texture.

Designer: Kyoko Teramoto

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September 5th(Wed.) ~ 7th(Fri.), 2018
10:00~19:00 (Fri.18:00)
[ Booth M-11 ]

Gotanda TOC Building 13F
( 7-22-17,Nishi-Gotanda,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo )